Whitefriar Aungier Area Community Council

In WAACC we work towards a time when our community will look after itself, each family, each neighbor, and each individual will know they belong, will feel looked after and will look after others within the Community.

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Our Vision

We hope for a time when we are acknowledged as a Dublin City Community rich in heritage, tradition and community spirit – where labels that we already reject such as ‘disadvantaged, marginalised or poverty ridden’ are no longer used because an ethos of fairness and equality has been embraced at all levels across our nation.  

Community Services 

Our Mission

To establish, promote and operate a community development programme, which will act as a focus and catalyst for community development for the community in the Whitefriar-Aungier area and surrounding areas, with a view to promoting our economic and cultural welfare and general benefit and particularly to empower specific sidelined individuals and groups to effectively participate in a programme of personal development & growth.

 Family Support Service

The Community Council will also endeavour to….

  • improve conditions & amenities in the local area,
  • maximise the resources coming into the area
  • run projects ( social, educational, sport for the youth etc)

... for the benefit of all community members and their families.

 Whitefriar Youth Club